Subliminal Blink method is used to improve visitor engagement, sending subliminal messages, and for brand recognition.
It helps to encourage visitors by sending a subtle visual subliminal message.
The majority of visitors will not even notice it.
The results depend on the design of your site, visitors, niche, and blink elements chosen.
Below are two examples of how this works:

Demo of the script:

Real Life Demo:

You'll get the latest news from fast growing news company.

The delicate blink is barely noticeable, yet our subliminal awerness is often able to process it.
Each transition between words take between 115 and 165 milliseconds.
The first blink is the longest to stand out and create visual anchor.

Exaggerated Demo:

You'll get the latest news from fast growing news company.

Here we can see the same method, but with exposed keywords, increased visual change, and slowed down a bit.
The process in its original form is barely noticeable.
The text on the left reacts in the same way (using the corresponding text/button to blink) but more subtly.
The live version should never be as visible as exaggerated version.

How does it work?

By stimulating minds below focal awareness, we can sometimes influence the actions of others.
Most meaningful decisions are being born in our subconscious.
Subliminal Blink work below the conscious threshold, so the message should be clear and simple.
Our subliminal processing is limited, so the simpler message, the better.
In the given example, we send a message "Get news fast" (the words that are flashing), and blink the button.
So if a user wants to Get News Fast, he is more likely to click the CTA button.
The success rate depends on the message sent, audience, and website design.
It's especially useful for headers and other prominent text.

Generate Code.

Here you can quickly generate customized script.
Use the Subliminal Blink on single words only.
Use only once per page.
Use short messages that are 2-5 words long.
-Encourage clicks = "Get - Food - Here - CTA Button"
-Use it for branding = "Acme - Trusted - Ecommerce - Shop"
-Improve article reads = "Read - Roofing - Facts!"

By adding this code to your page, you will be up and running instantly!
Copy-paste the script into your page code - preferably just above </body> tag!).
If you want to reset the form, refresh this page.

Add Element Generate Code

Custom code:

The code will be generated here.

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