Diglett method is a great way to deliver short messages to your audience.
Use it for:
-messaging visitors
-welcoming users
-giving discount codes
-giving critical updates
-building a connection with visitors
...and more!

Check the demo to see how it works!

Demo of the script:


This method will normally launch automatically after preset time.
For the purpose of this demo it runs only when you click the button.
If you want to launch demo second time, you need to refresh the page!

How does it work?

After a predefined time, the script triggers an element with a message that slides in.
TThe idea is for the "slider" to be visible and impossible to be missed.
By using this, we can make sure that the visitor will read whatever message will be put there.
It's better to use this occasionally, rather than on every page!
Moderation is a key here; otherwise, visitors will get annoyed.
The script will run once, and then it will not show again for 7 days (or until cookies are cleared).
This way, visitors will not get used to it.

Generate Code.

Here you can quickly generate customized script.
By adding this code to your page, you will be up and running instantly!
Copy-paste the script into your page code - preferably just above </body> tag!).
If you want to reset the form, refresh this page.

Generate Code

Custom code:

The code will be generated here.

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