CTA Enhancer will help you to get more clicks on your main CTA (Click To Action) button.
Use it when you want to increase interactions with your CTA button with simple and effective optimization method.

Check the demos to see how it works!

Demo of the script:

Access Now

Scroll down until you wont see the button, and then scroll back.
Pay attention to the color of the button.
Try this once more (the method works with three colors, including original).

Exaggerated demo:

Access Now

Here the difference will be much more visible.
This version can also be used with great success for more colorful and dynamic pages!

How does it work?

Whenever the user scrolls back, we need to catch his attention when possible.
We do this by changing the color of our primary CTA (Call To Action) button, to make it more noticeable.
We can either use more subtle change (like in demo #1) or a more direct way (like in demo #2).
Both are acceptable and should be decided based on your site design and audience.

Generate Code.

Here you can quickly generate customized script.
It's best to use it on one CTA button.
Adjust the colors based on your design and audience.
You can CLICK HERE for stylish color palettes (external link!).
By adding this code to your page, you will be up and running instantly!
Copy-paste the script into your page code - preferably just above </body> tag!).
If you want to reset the form, refresh this page.

Generate Code

Custom code:

The code will be generated here.

How to add the scripts from Almost Cake:

Add to HTML page: LINK

Add to Wordpress page: LINK

Add to Squarespace page: LINK

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