Alternative Titles method is excellent for lowering the bounce rate and getting more interaction from your visitors.
The principle is straightforward - page title changes when the user switch tabs.
This creates a visual anchor and encourages visitors to re-visit the tab.
Once implemented, more potential leads will come back to your page.
We also retrieve users that are "hoarding tabs" and closing them in bulks when too many are open.
A compelling message within the tab title can make a real difference.

Demo of the script:

Please go to a different tab in your browser to see how this works.
Once you change the tab, you should see that the title text has changed.
Upon return, the title will get to the original.

How does it work?

This method allows us to improve the chances for the visitor to come back to the page after switching tabs.
There is a handful of companies using this already with great success.
By creating a fun, attractive, unique title, we can get more returns from potential users.
While simple, this method is extremely useful.
Example of alternative titles:
"🙁 Miss You. Come back?"
"Where are you?!"
"You have 1 page waiting for you."
"Time to open me!"
"Psst. Want to know a secret?"

Generate Code.

Here you can quickly generate customized script.
Use 1-4 words for best results.
Long messages won't fit limited tab space!
You can use default emoticons.
Make sure that an alternative title is interesting/fun.
Return Title is either an original title or something new.
By adding this code to your page, you will be up and running instantly!
Copy-paste the script into your page code - preferably just above </body> tag!).
If you want to reset the form, refresh this page.

Generate Code

Custom code:

The code will be generated here.

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