A place, where creative names are made.

At Almost Cake we create premium business names for not-so-premium prices.
Twice a week we are releasing multiple high quality domain names.
Our prices are even ten times lower than the market averages!


Your audience surveyed by experts.

Almost Cake uses academic research platform, where we can look for your potential audience.
Each person there agreed to be contacted for surveys.
We can target them by profession, interests, age - everything needed to get the people that matter to your idea.
We ask them in a friendly way to answer a few questions in a survey.
Once we gather enough responses, we compile them into a clear report.
You will have access to PDF version and raw results as well, good for pitches!

Only unbiased answers!

Get real answers from your potential audience.
Our responders are not paid to answer the surveys, they just want to help out!
With replies from people, that are truly interested in your idea, you can get invaluable input!
Use it to make sure, that your idea is complete and there is market for it!


You deserve to know.

Don't risk with untested idea that might be a miss.
Each day businesses, services, and products get shut down because there was no market for them.
Who knows, maybe you'll get a piece of valuable advice from a reviewer that will save you some troubles later on?
Idea Validation report consist of everything you need:

  • Visually appealing reports.
  • Unbiased answers & comments from your target audience.
  • Easy to follow results, with all votes available one-by-one.
  • A PDF version of the report.
  • CSV with data collected.
  • Full support.

Complete report = the right path to success.


Who is answering the surveys?

All the answers you get are from real people. They agreed to be contacted for research purposes, and they are honestly interested in answering the questions.
All of them are precisely targeted. We'll contact them by text messages and direct them to an optimized survey.
All responders are non-incetivized, meaning they are not getting paid to answer.
They answer because they want to.

Will I get support?

Full support included - have a question, or you would like us to review the results for you? We are happy to assist!

How long do I have to wait for report?

The report for each idea is delivered within 4 days or sooner!

Who have access to the report?

Your report is for your eyes only. It will be not shared with anyone else.

How long do you host the reports?

All reports are hosted permanently. We will keep hosting them for you, so you can get back to them. Reports are removed only when requested.

What if something is wrong?

If we fail to deliver for any reason, we will either offer a full refund or work with you until the issue is resolved.

Can I trust you?

We will use our extensive experience when working with you. You can learn more about our founder and his trackable history HERE.

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