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Almost Cake is the first of its kind newsletter delivering unique, complete marketing methods right to your inbox each week for free. You will receive a new method with everything you need to implement it on your site. By using Almost Cake techniques, you will increase visitor interactions and conversions.
Join one of the more unique newsletters on the web and start growing your conversions across your websites!

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Almost Cake is backed by years of high-level marketing work and by countless experiments.
Over the last 14 years, we have been working on projects of all sizes, from partnering with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Dell, to your local vegan shop.
Major marketing agencies and corporations implemented our unique, exclusive marketing techniques over the years.
Tap into that experience for free by joining Almost Cake!

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It's like fusion food!

Cooking Next Big Thing.

No matter if you are an amateur or an expert. Plunge into the world of the advanced marketing world easily.
Don't pay an arm and a leg for super-secret consulting containing a single technique.
Almost Cake delivers a new method each week right to your inbox. For free. No fine prints.
Subliminal messaging, drip-feed surveying, real-time visitor retargeting - we have it all (many of which were created solely by us).
It's like marketing bakery making dozens of warm, unique methods.

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4-step recipe

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    Every Tuesday you will receive an email from us with ready to use, unique marketing method.

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    Download and open the file - it will run in your browser, like a website, to guarantee 100% privacy!

  • 3. Learn

    Find out how the method work, check demos and get everything you need to get started!

  • 4. Win

    Add the method to your site and observe your visitors interact more with it!

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Quick FAQ

Q: What do I get?
A: Each week you will receive email with unique marketing method, files, documentation, and demos. You can implement it on your websites to improve it's engagement metrics.

Q: Why it's free?
A: We offer access to Full Plan with additional scripts and email support for a small monthly fee. We believe that our members, who will benefit from Almost Cake methods, will upgrade to get access to more resources. This way, we can finance Almost Cake development and support. We might consider adding sponsors to our free emails as well (in non-intrusive way).

Q: Who gets my email?
A: Almost Cake is sole holder of your data. We will not sell, trade, or spam your email. We will send you on average 1-2 messages weekly with methods, updates, and important news.

Q: How do I cancel?
A: At the bottom of each email there is unsubscribe link. As easy as that! Note that to avoid saturation, we do not offer sending scripts that you missed when, you were not subscribed. Also, we offer basic email support only to our newsletter members.

Q: Why it's called Almost Cake?
A: Cake is much more than a sweet treat. It's what many people associate with something amazing, memorable, real. From being little up to being an adult - cake was together with us during the good times. What we offer is obviously not a cake, but we try to recreate this positive connection by delivering memorable results, that will cause a smile on your face.

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The humans in our team are awake Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (GMT +1).
They usually hibernate on weekends and public holidays.